Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

The Hollows series has never let me down and I am happy to say it is still going strong and is still surprising me after 9 books.

In this ninth book of the series Rachel needs to get to the west coast to have her shunning rescinded and go to her brothers wedding. Trent also has to make it to the west coast on a tight lipped mission that he says he needs Rachels help with. What do you get when a witch, an elf and a pixy all get into a car with each other? A pixy swearin, elf anxsting, witch ass kickin, rip roarin hell of a good read!

Everyone grew in this book. Some together, others apart, but all well done. Rachel has come a long way since Dead Witch Walking. She is coming into her own and realizing who she wants to be.

I absolutely love Trent. We get to drool over him in this book and we get to see more than one side of him. All I can say is...Yum!

Al as always is one of the best characters in the series. I don't know how the series will end for him but I hope he gets a HEA.

It is always a pleasure to have Rachels mom in the series. And even though her part was small in this book, it's memorable.

And of course Rachel can't be without her business partners/friends/roommates Ivy and Jenks. Rachel and Ivy's relationship comes to an understanding in this book that I think is good for the both of them. And Jenks of course is always dependable for comic relief, although I wish just this once he had kept his mouth shut!

We are coming into the home stretch of this series with only a few more books to go. I am looking forward to the ride!

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